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Okami Wolf Hand Painted Cel

This was the first thing I had painted back in 2008. It’s a cel (clear plastic sheet that was used in traditional animation frames before computer animation was invented) and hand painted with acrylic paints. The character is Amaterasu “Ammy” from the video game, Okami.

Art © Shinrin Sam. Bros /

Art © Shinrin Sam. Bros /

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Memorial to Balto


13 years ago, a litter of brown female Alaskan Malamute/Siberian Husky puppies were for sale. There was an only male who was white and orange that stood out like flower in the ground. Dad and I picked him. At the time, we didn’t know better as we knew nothing about Malamutes. Who knew what we were getting ourselves into…


We named him Balto, after the famous Siberian Husky hero who delivered serum to save a village in Alaska. He looked like a little blonde wolf pup. He grew up with our other pets Juno and Molly (they’re gone now)…


Balto was handsome, proud and very intelligent. He may have been stubborn and untamable, but he was a damn good guard dog, loved getting his ears scratched, great watch dog, he howled at the ice cream trucks which sounded awesome and he got along great with Yuki.


He had a strong prey drive and he hunted any possums, coons or snakes that entered the yard. He scared the heck out of most people with his deep howling bark (which I loved). People thought he was a wolf. He defended us from trespassers, trouble making teenagers and even saved us from Carbon Monoxide that was in our house. He was like a wild, untamed horse, he was an awesome dog. Balto had that “Arctic dog” pride they seem to have. I’ll miss hearing his howls and having a protective bodyguard like him…

April 25, 2000 – July 9, 2013


(See more photos of Balto here:

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