Ronin Yoshino


Ronin Yoshino takes place in a fantasy world resembling ancient Japan were civil wars and strife over land ownership are common. The story revolves around the adventures of the rebel woman warrior – Akuba, Someiyoshino (aka: Ronin Yoshino). She fights against the corrupt Samurai government in order to bring rights to the commoners.

An exicting, samurai fantasy series!


Ronin Yoshino is my original manga series based on extensive research on ancient Japanese culture & mythology. All of the characters were inspired by real people or from folktales. The manga project began in 2005. A new page is posted every Wednesday at the official site –

Rated: T+ (teens & older)
Genre: action/ adventure/ fantasy/ historical/ shonen

Ronin Yoshino manga books can be purchased at Tatsu Shop. The manga is magazine size 8×10″ & are professionally printed. They contain 1 full chapter + bonus: extra art, signed art print & promo trading cards. Volumes are released seasonaly.



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