Fan Art Friday – Hikaru Himoro, Dragon Drive

My latest fan art featuring Hikaru Himuro with his dragon, Kanopus from the anime series ‘Dragon Drive’. I drew this in my own manga style. Drawn by hand with pencil, pens and colored with markers.

Fan Art © Shinrin Sam. Bros /

Fan Art © Shinrin Sam. Bros /

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Fan Art Friday, July 10th

For this week, I’m sharing an illustration I did of the anime character Yusei Fudo from the anime series, ‘Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s’. Drawn by hand with pencil, pens and digitally colored. I drew him in my own manga style.

Art by, Shinrin Sam. Bros /

Art by, Shinrin Sam. Bros /

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NY Bans Fracking – Manga Art

I just finished this illustration! Drawn by hand with Sakura Manga Pens with Copic Markers. These are my original manga character designs. I drew this to celebrate New York’s fracking ban 😀 (NY banned fracking June 30th 2015). There’s a lot of symbolism in this…

Kitsune Kanpai © Shinrin Sam. Bros 2015 All rights reserved.

Kitsune Kanpai © Shinrin Sam. Bros 2015 All rights reserved.

The sign she is holding is the ban fracking symbol over the drill and the flame with the water droplet defines water contamination (the chemicals in the water causes it to be flammable). The design on her t-shirt is the New York flag. She makes the “V for Victory” sign meaning anti-frackers won and the flower in her hair is a Delphinium – the flower of July, dating when fracking was officially banned. The kid fox symbolizes a new generation and he is wearing Japanese farmer clothes holding an apple branch with leaves, symbolizing upstate NY with a greener future. The kid foxes headband says “Certain Victory”. Both characters are kitsune (Japanese spirit foxes). All of my art has hidden messages and meanings 😉

Oh yeah, “Kanpai!” means to celebrate! ^_^

I’m so glad NY banned fracking! I had signed every petition, shared on social media sites informing others the dangers of hydraulic fracturing and even called Governer Cuomo’s office. All of that work, paid off and in the end, we were right. Now the truth is exposed that fracking IS bad – yes!! Now I don’t have to be worried about my stream being polluted, my farmland being threatened or industrialization of the beautiful countryside. Don’t frack with my water, friggin frackers!

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Fan Art Friday

I heard about something called, “fan art Friday”. So, I’ll give it a shot for this month and post some anime fan art I had created! Hope you enjoy…

For this week, I’m sharing an illustration I did of the anime character InuYasha from the InuYasha series. Inspired from episode 167 in his pure demon form.



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First Moving Experience

Exactly one year ago, we moved from Suffolk County, Long Island NY to Chenango County, Upstate NY. I’ve never given the full story of my first moving experience. It’s a long story. Personally, I’m a fan of long stories.

This was my moving adventure…..

The week before we moved I wanted to try and do last minute things to say farewell to my hometown. We went to my favorite places; Southhaven Park, Planting Fields Arboretum, Holtsville Ecology Site, 4th World Comics, a Comic Shop in Oakdale, bought last minute art supplies and walked all the woods of Canaan Lake, my home area. The day before we moved I made biodegradable bird feeders as a parting gift to the feathered friends I had grown up with. Prior to moving, we had made several trips. We brought several trees and plants from Long Island Upstate.

It was a very hot, humid, sunny early morning on July 3rd, 2014. Two men from Upstate drove down to Patchogue to help us move. It was chaotic, boxes everywhere, heavy wooden furniture and appliances to move. As I was moving boxes, I heard a loud crash. I looked outside to find the two men dropped my favorite computer desk and it was in two pieces and every polymer dog charm I made was destroyed, except one. Later on, I heard anyther bang. The two men dropped the refrigerator – first time on the deck, a second time on the pavement road and it flipped into the bushes, the third time it slammed on the truck ramp. I knew it was crap now, so it was left there. We left the oven, it got trashed by them too.

Then one of the men was getting heat stroke. He wanted to keep going anyway. Rodrigo, our kind neighbor and friend, invited us to breakfast. Up to the hill, he and his wife Teresita made us homemade Columbian chicken with rice and salad. It was so nice of them! Afterwards, I went to go help move the big heavy furniture because the men were having a lot of trouble…

The POD was unpacked (because a stupid company refused to ship to out to our location as they only stay on main roads, totally lame), the big U-Haul truck was packed and the mini U-Haul Trailer packed and hitched up. We had brought many of our plants and some trees with us. Cats in the carry bag, dog in the car, parrot in the car and my lizard by my feet. We were ready. Finally. Bidding farewell to my childhood house, the Leylnd Cypress trees mom had planted, our old Weeping Willow, my Yoshino Cherry Tree, beautiful Japanese Maples, Japanese Snowbell and my dear great gigantic Pitch Pine… I loved those trees like family and I’ll never forget them… :,) ❤

Down the highway we go. Farewell Long Island. You got too noisy, crowed, industrialized, polluted and dangerous for our tastes.The country is calling. I'm going on an adventure! Ah, but the fun hasn't even started yet. Little did we know what the weather was planning ahead…

The two men were driving the big U-Haul truck and were a bit behind us as they hit traffic jams, so we went ahead. Past Throgs Neck Bridge, through the traffic horrors of the Bronx, to the Tappan Zee Bridge over the Hudson River…foreboding looking dark clouds appeared. The sky turned a charcoal grey, almost black with torrential rain and powerful wind blasts. The rain was so bad, dad couldn't drive anymore, so we pulled over to Sloatsburg Service Area. Dad and I went inside, bought some food and got drenched in the process. We waited a good hour for the weather to be drivable in.

Once there was a break in the rain, off we went. It poured on and off for hours on end. The sky was now black. Stars were out. The high beams were on. There are no lights on the road. Fewer cars, bumpy old roads, farm after farm we pass. Eye shines of deers and cattle in the night. The rain stopped. We pressed on in the dead of night. Eventually, we arrive. We arrive to a pitch black house. Apparently, that storm from hell came from the North, and wiped out electricity in the area.

Then the two men arrive in the big U-Haul truck. They take their leave and go home, saying they'll return tomorrow to help us unpack. With our house in a blackout, the well pump was out, no water for the night. We slept in the RV we had left there. Morning came. Electricity was back. However, the two men never came. They disappeared and never returned again. They left us to unpack everything ourselves until a great friend, Pete, stopped by and helped us out.

Just when we thought we could just unpack, no, another problem. A big problem. The big damn U-Haul truck LEAKED WATER. Two dressers, some books and several dozen irreplaceable photos – completely destroyed. This lead to a battle with U-Haul because they rented us a truck with a damaged roof (they gave us hell and would not compensate us but w got money back through our insurance). Note to self, U-Haul is a crappy service and I do not recommend them.

So, this was my first moving experience. I hope you enjoyed reading. Now, off to another adventure!

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