How It’s Made

Making Manga

(image: Ronin Yoshino chapter 0 sketch with several research books)

1. Write the ideas, script & scenes on paper. If research is needed, I take out my books.
2. Sketch with pencils.
3. Using the lightbox, I trace the sketch over with Sakura pens: 0.3, 0.4 & 0.6mm
4. Scan the inked lineart into Adobe Photoshop at 600res.
5. Fix up mistakes in Photoshop & downsize image to 300res.
6. Using the Grid, I make panels with the line tool & align the art within the panels.
7. Using the Layers, I add many screentones.
8. Black areas are the last to be filled.
9. Drag & drop speech bubbles, resize & re-shape them then add dialogue.
10. Flatten layers, save as .jpeg and it’s done!

Approximate time it takes varies greatly depending on how complicated it is.


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