NY Bans Fracking – Manga Art

I just finished this illustration! Drawn by hand with Sakura Manga Pens with Copic Markers. These are my original manga character designs. I drew this to celebrate New York’s fracking ban 😀 (NY banned fracking June 30th 2015). There’s a lot of symbolism in this…

Kitsune Kanpai © Shinrin Sam. Bros 2015 All rights reserved.

Kitsune Kanpai © Shinrin Sam. Bros 2015 All rights reserved.

The sign she is holding is the ban fracking symbol over the drill and the flame with the water droplet defines water contamination (the chemicals in the water causes it to be flammable). The design on her t-shirt is the New York flag. She makes the “V for Victory” sign meaning anti-frackers won and the flower in her hair is a Delphinium – the flower of July, dating when fracking was officially banned. The kid fox symbolizes a new generation and he is wearing Japanese farmer clothes holding an apple branch with leaves, symbolizing upstate NY with a greener future. The kid foxes headband says “Certain Victory”. Both characters are kitsune (Japanese spirit foxes). All of my art has hidden messages and meanings 😉

Oh yeah, “Kanpai!” means to celebrate! ^_^

I’m so glad NY banned fracking! I had signed every petition, shared on social media sites informing others the dangers of hydraulic fracturing and even called Governer Cuomo’s office. All of that work, paid off and in the end, we were right. Now the truth is exposed that fracking IS bad – yes!! Now I don’t have to be worried about my stream being polluted, my farmland being threatened or industrialization of the beautiful countryside. Don’t frack with my water, friggin frackers!

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2 thoughts on “NY Bans Fracking – Manga Art

  1. Love your illustrations and all the symbolism!! Thank you for explaining the meanings of all elements in this fantastic drawing!

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