Fan Art Friday

I heard about something called, “fan art Friday”. So, I’ll give it a shot for this month and post some anime fan art I had created! Hope you enjoy…

For this week, I’m sharing an illustration I did of the anime character InuYasha from the InuYasha series. Inspired from episode 167 in his pure demon form.



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5 thoughts on “Fan Art Friday

  1. Wonderful fan art of InuYasha. You are so talented!!!!

  2. Oooooh. Very nice.

  3. Hi I came across this Blog through one of your other websites that I just discovered! You’re doing a great job with your Manga and Anime so with all your craft. I am an Artist Designer and I create unique Jewelry inspired by nature which I sell on my Blog and on Etsy. I express my creativity as you do in many other ways I love Digital Art and Photography when I don’t pait with watercolors or sketching I also sometimes write poems everything that inspire me is challenging to create and and express myself! I am going to follow you here and if you would like please visit my Blog here on WordPress…leave a line if stopping by! 🙂

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