Ronin Yoshino Painted Wooden Box

I just finished painting this small wooden box! Hand painted with acrylic paints and felt lining inside the box. The top of the box features the Ronin Yoshino with a farm behind her – representing what she does (protecting the farmers from various threats). The background was inspired from a Hasui Kawase woodblock painting.

Ronin Yoshino

The 7 symbols on the box symbolize the Seven Swordsmen [七剣士] from my Ronin Yoshino [浪人よしの] manga series. These symbols were inspired from various aspects of Japanese culture…

The symbols are: Tengu no Uchiwa (Tengu’s fan), Shimenawa (sacred rope), Kitsunemen (fox mask), Taiko (drum), Amenonuhoko (heavenly jeweled spear), Uchide-no-Kozuchi (magic mallet), Someiyoshino (Yoshino Cherry Tree blossoms, symbolizing the protagonist, Yoshino) and Ama-no-Murakumo-no-Tsurugi (Sword of the Gathering Clouds of Heaven) along with the Cintāmaṇi (wishing jewel).

What all these items do, you’ll have to find out in my manga 😉

Ronin Yoshino

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2 thoughts on “Ronin Yoshino Painted Wooden Box

  1. Wow, so much awesome detail. You done an incredible job with this little artistic box !

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