YES! New York Bans Fracking!

I just had to post this… I’m so excited that Gov. Cuomo banned fracking in New York! And it happened on Dec.17th, the day before my birthday, very cool ^_^ Perhaps I can relax knowing our farmland and surrounding beautiful countrysde won’t become a fracked-up wasteland…

I had written posts about hydraulic fracturing here ( and here (

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6 thoughts on “YES! New York Bans Fracking!

  1. I certainly hope this has a domino effect and that other states will start banning it, as well. Although I don’t think Texas ever will ):

    • Maybe it will? Never loose hope! Persistence and pressure has an effect on the government, that’s the great thing about democracy.

  2. I too, am deliriously happy about the ban of fracking in NY and hope policy spreads throughout the entire US and the world!

    • Yes, that’d be awesome! The more informed the public is about the truth of hydraulic fracturing, the more people will realize that natural gas isn’t “clean energy”. It’s really a gigantic scam and it’s sad many people don’t know that…

  3. I’m so happy for you! Hoping CA will soon follow in NY’s responsible footsteps!

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