Feeling Inspired to Write Again

Ok, I think I got an idea going! I decided I’ll have Ronin Yoshino: Gaiden (side story) chapter taking place at a Matsuri (festival). However, like everything else in my manga (comic book) series, I like to do my own spin! I was inspired by the Obon Matsuri (youtube.com/watch?v=I90wkctyui8), re-reading some of my favorite books on Japanese folklore and watching some anime ^_^

Here’s the sketch I just finished inking in! I messed up on the lanterns a bit, I’ll have to fix that… This might be the cover art for my new manga chapter special. No title yet. Story synopsis coming soon.

Ronin Yoshino manga

Ronin Yoshino and the Bakemono


Yoshino (foreground) and a new character (background); a kitsune (fox spirit) with a neko-mata (two-tailed cat spirit) and chōchin-obake (paper lantern ghost) at a matsuri.

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