Ronin Yoshino Manga Ideas

After reviewing my Ronin Yoshino manga, I felt something was lacking, an element that most anime/manga have; “groups” (I rather avoid using the word “teams” as it sounds like a sport or game). Groups are good to have as they make remembering characters easier and it forms various interactions between members and opposing sides, which makes it more interesting. I like writing character driven stories. Most anime fans can name some memorable groups, like: Shichinintai (“Band of Seven” from InuYasha), Team 7 (Naruto), Gotei 13 (Bleach), etc. 20140610-025122.jpg Having too few characters can get boring and having too many characters gets confusing. I was afraid of making too many characters, so I created several “side characters” throughout the storyline. I think what I’ll do is bring some back and I’ll have to design more characters to fill up lope holes. Writing a story is easy, creating three dimensional characters is not. Now the really tedious part, inventing new names and designing new character concepts… 20140610-025133.jpg I also have a lot of new plans for Ronin Yoshino in the works! Since this series is already well established, I’d rather complete it before starting on another story at the moment… If anyone wants to be a character in my Ronin Yoshino manga, feel free to let me know (I need more character roles)? You can fill out the contest entry form here:

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