Reclaim, Redo, Remake and Create Someting New

Check out beautiful handmade jewelry my mom makes:

Art-Z Jewelry

I hate to throw out pieces of wire, scraps of metal sheet and anything that seems useful in any way at all.  Of course this can get out of hand and can end up with mountains of junk, but every now and then  I filter through the heap and find some gems (not literally).

I’ve made dangles for earrings out of discarded metal sheet,

charms out of leftover wire, rings and “new” bracelets out of several, abandoned sections of wire.  I’ve even made bird house parts and garden charms from reclaimed metal and wire!

I could show you a dozen more photos, and needless to say, I don’t believe in a disposable world.  Even glass jars, bottles, cans and containers of all kinds including Chinese food containers get reused in my home.

I don’t mean to sound like the character, Fred Sanford from the old sitcom “Sanford and Son” (if…

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