Etching Madness

This came out great! Better than I expected. Definitely want to draw more of these…

Art-Z Jewelry

Ever since I made my Tarot Inspired necklace, I have been consumed by a desire to etch images I love.  Lucky for me, I can draw but when I want a really fine line drawing, I call upon my talented daughter Sam.  She can create amazing illustrations using only fine lines right onto metal!!!

Sam drew this fabulous Chinese dragon onto a brass metal blank for me.

IMG_8067IMG_8069I then etched the bracelet with Ferric Chloride

IMG_8084IMG_8085I love this!  I don’t think I can sell this one.  I have to get Sam to draw another.

My own drawing is not as clean and fine but I think it turned out OK in this necklace.


This Phoenix rising out the ashes is an important symbol to me and I find myself wanting to create meaningful images more and more often.  Since I can’t keep everything I create, I’ll have to…

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One thought on “Etching Madness

  1. Thanks for the reblog. I couldn’t have made this bracelet without you ❤

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