Ronin Yoshino – Original Manga Comic Series by Shinrin Sam. Bros

Ronin Yoshino is my original manga (Japanese style comic) series. I started writing ideas for the story in 2002 and released the pilot chapter in December 2005. Ronin Yoshino is a Japanese heian-era/warring states story. The manga officially started it’s run in April 2006. Within that year, chapter 1 won 3rd place in the ADV Films manga contest.

I was inspired to create this story from reading various myths, legends and tales of historical people, particularly Tomoe Gozen, Joan of Arc and Queen Boudicca. The main character (Yoshino) design was based off of Fay Goodman and I gave her red hair because it’s fiery, just like Yoshino’s personality! Ronin Yoshino is more or less like a fanciful, Japanese version of Robin Hood, one of my favorite folktales! All characters are based on real people.


Ronin Yoshino takes place in a fantasy kingdom called the Fujiwara Province which resembles ancient Japan were civil wars and strife over land ownership are common. The story revolves around the adventures of the rebel female samurai – Akuba, Someiyoshino (Ronin Yoshino). She and her companions fight against the corrupt government in order to bring rights to the commoners…


Ronin Yoshino takes place in a mythical world resembling ancient Japan were civil wars and strife over land ownership are common. Rebellious groups fought against the authorities, but none ever succeeded. The manga story takes place in the Fujiwara Province (a fantasy place) which was once ruled by Fujiwara no Gorou, but now he is forced to serve under the warlord Takemaru Arashi.

Main Characters

Akuba, Someiyoshino
is the protagonist and title character of the manga.
Yoshino is loyal to her friends but is rebellious, blunt and full of pride which often gets her into tight situations. She prefers fighting alone and dislikes menial tasks, normally having her retainer do it for her. When traveling long distances, she rides her horse stallion – Iteza.

Kagekiri is Yoshino’s retainer (a servant).
He’s loyal and protective of Yoshino and is often seen accompanying her. He’s expressive, honest and likes helping people, but can be potentially self-destructive. Kagekiri was once a violent yokai, but when he met Yoshino, she changed his view on life and for that he feels eternally grateful.

Takemaru, Arashi is the Daimyo (samurai warlord) and the main antagonist.
Arashi is a career-oriented and authoritative man who focuses on his goals. He’s serious, callous and self important attitude became part of him through the struggle and stress of being a feudal lord. Takemaru owns most of the land and desires to claim the rest of Fujiwara Province for himself.

The Manga

The manga is read from right to left and is usually in black & white (special issues are in colour). Manga books, art prints and trading cards are available for sale. Visit the official Ronin Yoshino site at: Also check out Ronin Yoshino Facebook fan page –

Rated: T+ (teens and older)
Genre: action/adventure/fantasy/historical/shonen

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One thought on “Ronin Yoshino – Original Manga Comic Series by Shinrin Sam. Bros

  1. Aaron

    The manga series of
    Ronin Yoshino is lways fun to read and I cant wait to see future chapters of this series.

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