Junco Knows Snow is Coming!

Yesterday the sky was a clear shade of Sleeping Beauty Turquoise, the sun was bright and warm and the birds were singing away dancing in the naked trees. We were walking the dogs and I heard some small birds tweeting away in the bamboo across the street. When I passed by I saw that they were Junco’s!

I said to my mom, “Look! Junco’s! Oh no, that means it’s going to snow tomorrow…”. And boy was I right! The weather today is cold, windy, dark and wet snow with icy rain – yuck!

I have been observing birds and their behavior for many years and by now I see patterns. Their behavior usually predicts weather, predators, where food is, natural disasters and their mood. I noticed that whenever these cute little Junco’s show up, it usually means bad weather is approaching – especially snow!

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2 thoughts on “Junco Knows Snow is Coming!

  1. You’re so right! Pretty as they are, these little birds warn us of a bad storm approaching. Too bad, I’d like to see them without that association.

  2. Aaron

    Beautiful photos of Juncos. Looks worthy of a National Geographic shot.. Thank you for sharing.

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