I Just Updated My Websites!

I just did a lot of editing on my websites, added new pics and fixed broken links. Still have more to do! Here is a list of my current active websites, feel free to check them out 🙂

Ronin Yoshino (right) dueling Takeshi (left)

Ronin Yoshino – www.roninyoshino.com
Ronin Yoshino is my original manga series. The story revolves around the exciting adventures of a rebel woman warrior named Yoshino. She fights against the corrupt government that oppresses the farmers and merchants. I’m inspired by samurai, ukiyo-e and Japanese folklore! The books are also available for sale.

sumi-e ACEO dragon

Shinrin Artwww.shinrinart.com
“Portfolio” site of my art, photography and manga (Japanese style comics). I have tons of pictures of dogs, birds, nature, wildlife and cultural festivals! The site is pretty packed with lots of photos and art.

custom pet art

Muku Pet Artwww.mukupetart.com
My original art of dogs, cats and horses drawn in Japanese Brush and Comic Style pet art for sale. I can create custom pendants and drawings of your pet using your photograph. I just opened the site, please forgive the rather barren appearance ^^;  Feel free to check out the blog at: www.mukupetart.wordpress.com

my rough collie Yuki

Collie Fanwww.colliefan.weebly.com
All about collies! At the moment it has info about Rough and Smooth Collies, but I will be including Border Collies, English Shepherds, Australian Shepherds, Shelties and other members of the collie family too.

Tatsu Shopwww.tatsushop.artfire.com
Online art shop where you’ll find my art prints, photography prints and manga books of my original series – Ronin Yoshino for sale. Feel free to “like” me on Facebook at: www.facebook.com/tatsushop

YouTube Channelwww.youtube.com/shinseimori
Video’s of birds, dogs, cultural festivals, wildlife and my art. I have over 100 video’s so far!

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2 thoughts on “I Just Updated My Websites!

  1. Wow!!! You are one busy person! Don’t know how you keep up with all your sites – and create anything. Look forward to your posts, as always (:

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