Help Save Holtsville Ecology Center from Closing

I heard that Holtsville Ecology site is considering closing down… I hope they don’t as I’ve been going there since I was a kid. Many parents bring their children to see the animals, photographers taking pictures and people jog, walk & bike on the track. The animals are rescued from neglect, abuse, farmers who couldn’t afford their livestock and wildlife that were injured or orphaned – unable to return to the wild.

They have many rescued animals such as Mustangs, Birds of Prey, Bison, Farm Animals, Emu, Bobcat, Foxes, Bintarong, Black Bears, Cougar etc. I’ve taken so many pictures! It’s such a nice park. What will happen to all these animals? How can they think of closing this place down?!

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Please, add your name to the petition here: Brookhaven Town: Save the Ecology Center! and give them a”Like” on Facebook:

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One thought on “Help Save Holtsville Ecology Center from Closing

  1. Thank you for this great post. I hope it reaches, teaches and touches everyone enough to care and to act. This is too important to ignore.

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