Ronin Yoshino volume 3 Manga Release

Ronin Yoshino volume 3 manga books are now available for sale at my Artfire studio here!

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“Yoshino draws her sword against her enemy, Takemaru Arashi. She must defeat him or die fighting in the process!”

Ronin Yoshino volume 3 contains the third and fourth complete chapters, poster, trading card, extra artwork and contains bonus manga – Hidesato!

“A young archer named Hidesato meets the Dragon King along his travels. He is desperate for help – the demon centipede threatens to kill the Dragon King! It’s up to the overconfident Hidesato to slay the demon, but can he do it with a mere bow and arrow?”

I’m planing to release Ronin Yoshino volume 4 and 5 sometime this autumn and a 2nd edition of volume 1 too.

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One thought on “Ronin Yoshino volume 3 Manga Release

  1. Congratulations! It looks great. Wishing you many sales!

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