Just a Little Something of an Update

I haven’t written a post in a while… We’ve been doing lots of outdoorsy things like going to street fairs (my favorite thing!), taking lots of photos and drawing new pictures. Although I haven’t been working on the manga in a while, I have been having fun practicing drawing dog breeds like this Amstaff:

We went to several fairs, gem & mineral shows (my mom makes jewelry and sells at the shows), visited Upstate NY to our lot, went to AKC dog shows and (of course) took lots of photos – which I will be posting soon. Still hoping to attend a Yu-Gi-Oh! and Magic: The Gathering tournament for some dueling fun, and try out horseback riding too!

Here’s a couple recent pics I took:

Mourning Dove fledgling

Horse agility show

Tigerwing Butterfly on Echinacea

My collie Yuki, just before blowing his coat (and when his ears were tipped)

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4 thoughts on “Just a Little Something of an Update

  1. Great photography, Sam.! So glad you’ve been enjoying your summer. Looking forward to seeing the photos from the AKC show.

    • Thanks Diane! I love summer, there’s so many festivals and lots of outdoor things to do (I can be outside all the time). Too bad summer is so short over here, I wish we had nice weather all year round.

  2. Sounds like you have had a very busy summer, Sam! Wow – the swallowtail on the echinacea photo is stunning! Looks like the butterfly should be able to fly out of the monitor. Belly rubs to Yuki from Seamus (:

    • Thanks so much! And the summer is still very busy, lots of festivals coming up – 5 AKC dog shows, Shinnecock Powwow, Renaissance Faire in Tuxedo NY, Grand Prix Horse Show, Medieval Faire at Sandspoint Castle and several street festivals too!

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