New Japanese Taiko Drumming Video!

I just posted this video at my YouTube Channel of Ryu Shu Kan performing at this years Sakura Matsuri: Japanese Cherry Blossom Festival – Watch the powerful and exciting beat of taiko drums!

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6 thoughts on “New Japanese Taiko Drumming Video!

  1. Great video! Love the close ups and of course the drums and drummers!!!

  2. Fabulous! Am mesmerized by the drumming. It has to be so soul satisfying to actually be doing the drumming.

    • It is very fun taiko drumming! Very relaxing, fun and simpler than playing a guitar. Also a good stress reliever!

  3. Wow! all new to me, how invigorating that was! I could almost swear I saw your Mother in there Sam, my eyes are not great, if that is her she is more thin that I thought she was.

    • It’s pretty exciting isn’t it? ^_^ Mom wasn’t in the performance, but I think she should be!

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