Don’t Frack with My Water

I try not to post controversial issues, but this one strikes a nerve…
We own land in Upstate New York in Chenango County and the latest news from the New York Times worries me. The frackers (Hydraulic fracturing) want to drill for natural gas in New York’s Southern Tier – Broome, Chemung, Chenango, Steuben and Tioga.

Our land upstate at dusk.

Fracking (Hydraulic fracturing) is the drilling for natural gas that exists in shale. The modern process for getting natural gas contains toxic chemicals which penetrates deep ground water – and pollutes our drinking water. It posses a threat to the environment (which we are all a part of and effects everyone) – air and noise pollution from trucks, flammable water, waste water risks, earthquakes from their explosives and some fracking companies have even threatened some owners off their land by force.

Once you allow fracking on your land, there is no going back. Natural gas may not pollute air as much, but the risks are great. This isn’t “green energy” – you can’t drink polluted water… Please, Take Action.

Here are some of my photo’s of Upstate NY:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I was hoping to live Upstate, but this looming danger is a cause for concern as we were looking forward to getting out of the noisy, overpriced, overpopulated Long Island and to live up in the mountainous countryside…
On a positive note: I’ll write another post about the times we went RVing to Upstate, NY!

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4 thoughts on “Don’t Frack with My Water

  1. When we lived near Fort Worth, there was A LOT of fracking going on there. The horror tales that started coming out from the process was extremely scary. Plus, if you didn’t own the mineral rights to your land, the companies could pretty much do what they wanted, like bull doze down centuries old live oak trees (it happened in Parker County). When will people wake up! Here’s wishing the best to you and your beautiful land.

    • Thanks for your comment and for wishing us luck! 🙂 It’s sad that they get away with that… Apparently, money speaks louder than the voice of reason.

      Fracking should be banned. They sugar coat it saying its “Eco-friendly” and “greener” with promises of profit, when they will only give you a tiny percentage of what they make. It’s a lot more dangerous than what they let on.

      It’s a serious danger to our health: drinking water, beer, wells, water for irrigation and livestock, rivers, lakes, fish can become too dangerous to consume affecting fishermen and wildlife such as Bald Eagles – the list is endless…

  2. I hope people talk a stand against this and do something! It’s our world we’re screwing up!!

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