My Little Chickadee!

This year Black-capped Chickadee’s decided to take residence inside one of the birdhouses mom painted! Here is one of the parents peeking out of the nest box! Chickadee’s are one of my favorite birds.

Yesterday, this parent with the spider in it’s mouth stayed on the perch and waited for it’s mate to return. When she returned, she landed on the perch next to this guy. Then he hopped inside the box, fed the chicks the spider, stuck his head out and his mate passed the worm she had to him so delicately.

The bird on the left is a male House Finch and on the right is a Black-capped Chickadee eating their favorite seed! I can’t wait to see the chickadee chicks!

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5 thoughts on “My Little Chickadee!

  1. Awesome, these are such great photos. Love those little Chickadees!!

  2. Fantastic photos! Loved seeing them b/c they bring a smile to my face.

  3. What a cutie!!

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