Dog Show Photos!

This weekend went to the dogs! On Saturday we went to the AKC (American Kennel Club) Dog Show in Long Island, NY. Then on Sunday there was a dog agility event in Old Bethpage Village. Check out my photos here:

I thoroughly enjoyed the AKC Dog Show! It was really fun and great seeing all the different breeds. I’ve been wanting to create a dog photography portfolio, but I needed more breeds other than my dogs. This event was perfect! We saw some rare dog breeds such as this handsome Leonberger…

And an amazing Long-haired American Akita (a “double recessive gene”). Considered a major “fault” by conformation show standards, but who cares! He’s gorgeous!

We went to see the Collies and watch Elvys Maldonado (Yuki’s breeder) show his white collie, Lola and his pug, Eva. Congrats Elvys on Eva receiving a point! Too bad Lola didn’t win, I think she’s a real beauty.

This is Lola, Yuki’s mom!

Clarion Lalique of Castle Hill “Lola”

The dog agility event was fun too. People were allowed to bring their dogs for obedience and agility. We brought Yuki (our collie) to the event so he could socialize with other dogs. It was great seeing how happy Yuki was when he saw Elvys and they ran off to the show dog tent and Yuki was groomed.

This is Yuki greeting his mom!

Here’s Yuki after being groomed:

It was a lot of fun! Can’t wait ’till the next dog show! Check out the photo’s I took here:

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