Asian American Festival – Photos!

Southern Chinese Lion Dance

This past Saturday I attended the Asian American Festival at the Stony Brook Charles B. Wang center. I also had a table there exhibiting and selling my Ronin Yoshino manga. This particular festival was special because it was multicultural!

Can you believe those aren’t real flowers? The flowers and goldfish are all carved out of vegetables! Amazing!

There was great music, ethnic foods, beautiful colourful traditional clothing and dances. I had some chicken curry with basmati rice and I bought two summer kimono’s – one is royal blue and the other is black with bamboo motifs. I filmed Indian dances and the Chinese Lion Dance.  Had a great time and I can’t wait ’till the next one!

Here are the photo’s I took at the festival:

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3 thoughts on “Asian American Festival – Photos!

  1. Your photography is great! Love all the colors & the clarity you achieved. Kudos!

  2. Love the photos! So much beautiful color, such great images. I’m glad you found some new Kimonos.

  3. Wonderful photos, they are so vivid! I am amazed by the veggie carvings, I bet children would really eat the veggies if we served they that way, as art!

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