Peaceful Day at the East End

Yesterday we went to the East End of Long Island to get away from the noise and pollution of suburbia. It was great seeing family farms and vineyards! Looks like days of olde time America…

We had stopped by a small plant nursery and I finally got a photo of Killdeer birds!

After we left the plant nursery, I thought, “This is where collies should be, in the country.” While driving, we pulled over to the side by a farm and to our surprise – there was a sable rough collie walking across a farm!

There were some beautiful Clydesdale’s and Percheron’s at Martha Clara Vineyard…

We visited several family farmer’s markets, plant nurseries and it was great seeing all the farm animals. We had a very nice and relaxing day! The air is fresher, quieter, less people and vast space – my type of place!

Yuki had a lot of fun too…

I took many of photos of our trip! These are some of my favorite shots:

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9 thoughts on “Peaceful Day at the East End

  1. The dog photo’s such a cutie!

  2. Sounds a wonderful day! Really enjoyed seeing your beautiful photo journal of the day! Your photography is excellent!

  3. The photos are great. Nice peaceful, beatutiful day.We need that sometimes.

    • I want that ALL the time! That’s why I’m always outside with the birds. I love being with nature!

  4. Aaron

    Absolutely awsome photos. Makes me wish to travel back there again real soon. The day spent
    with you, Yuki and your mom was heaven even when Yuki could not stop pulling it was all a lot of
    fun and relaxing.

    • Told you it’d be fun! Just imagine how great it will be living in a yurt in the country 😀 All our neighbors are farmers, fishermen and horse ranchers.

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