Sakura Matsuri: Japanese Cherry Blossom Festival – May 5th!

We’ve been going to the matsuri for years and it’s always a lot of fun! There are performances of both traditional and modern Japanese music and dance and various indoor events. Every year there is always something different!

I’ll have a booth again this year and will be exhibiting and selling my Ronin Yoshino manga books, art prints, posters, trading cards and Vol.3 manga will be available with an extra story, Hidesato! If you come, stop by my table and say hi?

This years Sakura Matsuri: Japanese Cherry Blossom Festival will be on May 5th, 2012! The festival is held at Stony Brook University’s Charles B. Wang Center in Long Island, NY. For directions or questions, visit: and check out their Facebook Page!

Here are some photo’s I took at previous years:

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3 thoughts on “Sakura Matsuri: Japanese Cherry Blossom Festival – May 5th!

  1. Ah, I forgot to mention that Ronin Yoshino vol.3 manga books will be available and the books will contain Hidesato manga!

  2. Can’ wait to see your new manga and the Sakura Matsuri festival!

  3. LefabeurCostiganLLC

    Hey! great coverage. That festival looks awesome! I recently wrote a manga one-shot myself called “Stelle”. It plays on the classical character Dante Aligheri and his encounters in the inferno during the great poem the Devine Comedy. I have it up for sell on Amazon…but, just for feedback, I’d love to get you a downloadable copy via email for you to review!!! If you could/want to do this, please let me know as it could help greatly in my quest for manga/anime/graphic novel dominance! Thanks! cheers!

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