Creating an Original Manga Character – Ronin Yoshino



Yoshino is loyal to her friends but can be quite stubborn, haughty and temperamental towards authority figures. Being bluntly honest and full of pride often gets her into tight situations. She is a rebellious warrior who refuses to serve or obey anyone. Yoshino prefers to fight alone, not wanting to get her friends involved.

She’s a ronin (masterless samurai) who wields a katana in battle. Yoshino stands 152.40cm (5ft) tall and lives in Sugi Village. At her home, she lives with her horse Iteza and servant named Kagekiri.

Character Design

Her usual outfit consists of a kosode (short kimono), hakama (trousers), tabi (socks) and zori (sandals). In battle, she wears customized armor made of leather dyed green, brass wirework and silk cords. Her katana is always worn on her left hip. Yoshino puts her hair in a pony tail when fighting, but wears it down when she isn’t.



Yoshino’s design was based on the martial artist Fay Goodman when I saw a picture of her in this book. When creating the protagonist, I wanted as unique a character I could possibly make. ‘Ronin Yoshino’ is a shonen manga, but I didn’t want to follow typical manga cliche’s (a young hot-headed male lead followed by a girl with a Penelope Pitstop persona), so I aimed for a sort of ‘anti-heroine’ warrior women who’s a rebel against the established order. I didn’t want a eye-candy ‘busty babe’ toting around a sword in scanty armor fighting with a distorted sense of justice nor males with questionable gender! lol

Outside of her appearance, was the more difficult part – creating a believable personality that can be emotionally felt. I like to base my characters off of different aspects of real people. I wanted her to be full of confidence, brave and a strong sense of honor. Besides her good traits, she has faults like anyone else would – being too prideful, lazy with chores and her rebelliousness often gets her into trouble with the samurai officials. One of her best traits is being able to forgive others, something she demonstrates in chapter 7. She also tends to be sarcastic.

All in all, she’s definitely one of my favorite characters I created for this manga (my other favorite is Kagekiri). Think I did pretty good with her design. I can’t wait to see how her personality grows in the upcoming chapters!


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2 thoughts on “Creating an Original Manga Character – Ronin Yoshino

  1. Love Yoshino! Much more believable than a “busty babe”. 🙂 You are so very talented!

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