ACEO/ATC Mythical Beasts in Sumi-e Style

I wanted to try drawing on ATC/ACEO paper, but never quite thought of what to do with it other than making a playing card deck or a trading card game, so I finally thought of what I can do – draw mythical beasts with the Japanese brush pen in sumi-e style! Still need to practice as I’m not good at drawing samurai with it yet.

These are some of the cards I drew over the past couple of days:

This is a Nue, a chimeric beast from Japanese folklore that creates storms and bringer of bad luck.

This is the Fei-lian or Feng-bo, a celestial wind lord in Chinese folklore that creates storms.

This is a Tatsu or Ryuu, the 3-clawed Japanese Dragon using the Tidal Jewel to create tides.

I posted more mythological creatures on ACEO/ATC at my website:

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8 thoughts on “ACEO/ATC Mythical Beasts in Sumi-e Style

  1. These little works of art are fantastic. So much detail and character!

  2. Very NICE! You’re off to a great start! ^_^

  3. These are great depictions! One of my majors is japanese language right now and I can help but to be interested in these. Are you drawing these in order to finish a deck for playing cards of some sort of game? or is it for something else?

    • Thanks for commenting! I’ve always been fascinated by Japanese culture. I don’t know if you’ve read through my blog, but I write/draw the manga series Ronin Yoshino and also play taiko drums at a local dojo. I am thinking drawing these for a playing card deck. I’m also working on a trading card game. Learning Japanese is one of my future goals. Feel free to look through my blog! I also have videos of Japanese events at my YouTube channel –

      • do you have any knowledge of the Japanese Language?
        also, is the playing card deck that you are making for a game you have created or an older one from Japan?

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