Ideas for a New Manga

After I’m done with chapter 12 of my Ronin Yoshino manga, I was thinking of putting it on hiatus temporarily to work on a new manga (been writing about ancient Japan for over 5 years & need a change in culture).

I’ve been wanting to write a short story that takes place in ancient Greece – with mythology of course! Not an epic like Ronin Yoshino. Something shorter, less complicated & less serious (an historical/fantasy/adventure). Kinda like Hidesato. Haven’t thought about characters or storyline yet, still just an idea.

What do you think? Would it sound interesting to read?

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One thought on “Ideas for a New Manga

  1. Yes, it does sound like something that would be interesting to read and, of course, to see your beautiful artwork that will go along with the storyline. I vote to “go for it!” ^_^

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