Ronin Yoshino Manga Update 11/16/’11

Checkout this weeks new Ronin Yoshino manga page at!

The Daimyo*, Fujiwara no Gorou (man in gold kimono), is informed of Takemaru, Arashi’s army approaching the capital in ships. Fujiwara is a peaceful Daimyo and prefers to avoid bloodshed, unlike Takemaru. The capitol of the Fujiwara Province* is located on a artificial island within Lake O-Gon-Cho. The island is connected by the mainland via a long bridge. My favorite panel is #2 – closeup of Fujiwara (I like his expression)…

Hope you enjoyed this weeks manga update? I’ll try to draw a new page next Wednesday.

*Daimyo – a feudal lord or samurai warlord.
*Fujiwara Province – a mythical land in the Ronin Yoshino manga where the story takes place. The land is owned by Fujiwara no Gorou.

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One thought on “Ronin Yoshino Manga Update 11/16/’11

  1. Another great episode and gorgeous artwork! Thank you for putting down the explanations at the bottom of the story for those of us who are not familiar with the lingo. ^_^

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