Ronin Yoshino Manga Update 11/03/11

Been a while since my last update. Check out the new page at:!

(chpt.12 pg.8 preview)

The horse chasing scene is over and Yoshino heads off to the coastal village by Hitokage Lake. Meanwhile, back at Fujiwara Castle, the vassal Fujiwara no Gorou is standing in his private gardens and someone calls out to him

Not much dialogue, mostly scenic. The castle was difficult to draw (I’m not good at drawing architecture), but I think it came out good. Here is the original sketch:

Hope you enjoyed the update. I’ll try to post another manga page next week!

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2 thoughts on “Ronin Yoshino Manga Update 11/03/11

  1. Beautiful castle! Excellent artwork too! The dedication you put into your artwork and storyline is amazing and you are so talented! Keep up the great work!

  2. Love this new page. Great to see color again. Doesn’t need much dialogue since the pictures speak for themselves.

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