The Digital World, A Bit Too Much

Want to read a book? Read them online.
Want to read comics? Read webcomics, online.
Want to watch your favorite TV show? Watch it online.
Want to listen to music CDs? Download them online.
Want to buy from a shop? Buy online.
Want to own a movie DVD/VHS? Download it online.
Want to adopt/buy a pet? Go online.
Want to buy the groceries for the week? Shop online.

The world is online. The internet has been transformed from a place for information, chat rooms & fan sites, to being almost completely making us dependent for all our needs and desires. In many cases, it’s quite helpful. Its easier to meet people from around the world without being judged by your appearance or the way you sound. You can find all sorts of unique and foreign goods that are unavailable anywhere else. You can watch your favorite TV shows and movies on websites such as Youtube. It’s also great for promoting your business. However, there is such a thing as “too much”.

I want to insert the DVD into my VHS/DVD player, sit back on my bed and watch. I like to take a book, A REAL BOOK made of paper, sit outside under a tree and read. When I’m not finished reading, use a bookmark. Its fine having all these digital options, but not to have it shoved down ones throat. I don’t want my life to be plugged into an outlet.

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2 thoughts on “The Digital World, A Bit Too Much

  1. Great post! I can totally relate to it.

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