Sketch of the Week: Theropods Attacking a Sauropod

This is an old sketch I did of a sauropod being attacked by several theropods:

One time I had this colourful dream…
It was a hot, dry desert with terracotta-coloured rock cliff. No plant life was in sight and the sky was clear turquoise blue. Thunderous bellowing sounds filled the air of some sort of animal in distress. Upon looking over the side of the cliff, an enormous Sauropod was being attacked by three Theropods. The sauropod was a brownish-grey colour with his lower half covered by dust from the sand he was kicking up. It arched its back, trying to make itself look bigger and swung its tail in slow swoops. With a tip like a whip, trying to keep the predators at bay. The theropods were a sage green colour with white markings like a tortis shell. They seemed hesitant to finish the kill as their prey was too large and powerful.

They aren’t any particular species. I guess the sauropod can be a Diplodocus and the theropods, perhaps adolescent Allosaurus? I drew this sketch quickly after I had awoke, before I forgot any of the fine details…

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One thought on “Sketch of the Week: Theropods Attacking a Sauropod

  1. This is awesone. What a great drawing and description. I can easily visualize this happening!!

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