Sketch of the Week: Takemaru Arashi on his Horse

This was the pencil sketch I did for the cover of Ronin Yoshino chapter 11 “Takemaru’s Ambition”:

Character is the *Daimyo named Takemaru, Arashi on his horse (breed is a Do-san-ko aka: Hokkaido pony). Arashi is dressed in samurai commander armor called Ohyoroi in ko-gusoku or “light armor” style (from the late Heian to mid-Kamakura period). His horse is dressed in traditional tack that was put on samurai commanders horses. I have a lot of fun drawing samurai in armor and especially one on horseback. It’s very diffucult, that’s why I love drawing it!

*Daimyo – “feudal lord” or a warlord (military rank). Samurai swore loyalty to him.

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4 thoughts on “Sketch of the Week: Takemaru Arashi on his Horse

  1. Majestically beautiful artwork!

  2. Beautiful sketch. I love to see the beginning of your ideas in sketch form and then to see what it becomes.

    • Thanks mom! I actually have more sketches laying around than finished, coloured ones. I draw a sketch everyday I loose track of them.

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