Website Cleanup Update

The following websites will no longer be accessible after Sept.26 2011:

Ronin Yoshino blog-

Birds Oasis blog –

Anime Otaku’s blog –

Shinrin Photo blog –

Shichimeito-zoku – 

The domain name Shinrin Art ( will be redirecting to this blog instead.  If you bookmarked, please update your favorites/bookmarks to (in order to avoid a 404 error).  Ronin Yoshino ( will be temporary unavailable because I’m changing web hosting & doing a domain transfer (which may take 72 hours). Ronin Yoshino manga updates will be posted here temporarily.

Sorry for the inconvenience. Just wanted to give a heads up so there won’t be any surprises.

Ronin Yoshino manga will have a official website soon with an easy to remember url, just! The new site will have a slight redesign that’ll be easier to navigate. Here’s a snapshot of what it might look like:

(click to view full size)

The changes will start on Sept. 26 2011
If you come across any errors, don’t hesitate to let me know via commenting on this blog or my facebook page ( or emailing me here.

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2 thoughts on “Website Cleanup Update

  1. Just took down the sites. still up though, going to take it down this week. If you added that site to your favorites, can you update it to ?

  2. Update: is now forwarding/redirecting to this blog…

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