Ronin Yoshino Manga Update / 5 Year Anniversary Special

Just finished this weeks ‘Ronin Yoshino’ manga page update! Check it out at!

So the horse chasing scene is almost complete. Next weeks page will wrap this part up & move on to whats next in the storyline. I like the way I did the motion blur on the sword & on Yoshino’s leg that kicked the guy off the horse.

This page was supposed to be for last week, but I got writers block. When I got ideas back, the sketching took about 4 days & the colouring took 2 days. It really is extremely difficult & very time-consuming creating manga, especially colour pages, but I love it.

I’m doing chapter 12 “Captured” in colour because it’s a 5 year anniversary special. Oh wait, I completely forgot to mention that! Yeah, I’ve been writing/drawing ‘Ronin Yoshino’ for 5 years now. Several times when I was writing this manga I came close to canceling it (glad I didn’t). I should draw some special drawings to celebrate 5 years of ‘Ronin Yoshino’…?

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5 thoughts on “Ronin Yoshino Manga Update / 5 Year Anniversary Special

  1. Great page!!I love all the action, the color and the storyline . Glad you didn’t give up. Never give up!!

  2. CONGRATS on 5 years! Your work is outstanding!

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