Photo’s of Yuki the Collie Puppy

Yuki is our newest family member! He’s a Rough Collie ( Yuki’s really smart, playful & loves kids. Right now he’s 14 weeks old.

He’s decided to roll in the grass instead of walking.

The first night home, he fell asleep in my hand.

Asking for his chest to be scratched.

He noticed the Golden Retriever.

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5 thoughts on “Photo’s of Yuki the Collie Puppy

  1. Yuki is so so sweet and stunning! thanks for sharing your first day with her I absolutely love the pics:)

    • Hi, Rayya, thank you for your comment & compliments! I’ll be posting many more photos of Yuki as he grows up. 🙂

  2. Yuki is just the cutest, sweetest looking puppy I’ve ever seen.

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