Ronin Yoshino Manga Update 8/31/’11

I just finished drawing this weeks Ronin Yoshino manga page. Check it out here at:

And another exciting, colourful page. The officers are closing in on Yoshino…
Check back next Wednesday for another manga page update!

In case you’re new to my manga, Yoshino is a ronin (a samurai who doesn’t serve a warlord). In the world of Ronin Yoshino, ronin are in the same category as rebels, outlaws/bandits, thieves etc. and are considered a threat to the established order. That’s why the officers are after her (but there is more to the story than that)…

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3 thoughts on “Ronin Yoshino Manga Update 8/31/’11

  1. Great new page. I always love looking at your art and following Yoshino’s adventures!

  2. The ongoing storyline and your art is truly amazing! Excellent work!

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