New Ronin Yoshino Manga Page!

Click here to read the latest ‘Ronin Yoshino’ manga update!

This weeks page is vibrant, bold & exciting – and it’s also the end of the “recap”. I enjoyed drawing/colouring the bay, grey dappled, red dun & paint horses. The panel at the bottom right is reference from a scene way back in chapter 1 (2006). The officers clothing is loosely inspired from the Hoben (police officer) uniform from the Heian Era of anicent Japan:

In the image above, the Hoben wears suikan uniform (suikan is the name of the type of top he wears). I drew my officers without suikan because mine are on horseback & I don’t think it’s practical to wear suikan while on a horse & fighting. Maybe I’ll draw the non-mounted officers in this style?

 Next weeks page will be the cover of this chapter & new artwork.

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3 thoughts on “New Ronin Yoshino Manga Page!

  1. Sam. ~

    Your blog is beautifully done! So informative & the artwork is stunning! Kudos!

  2. I love the the authenticiity you create in your manga. You obviously do lots of research before you create your story.

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