Back from the Sakura Matsuri

The Sakura Matsuri was really great yesterday! I must admit that my favorite performance was the taiko drumming. The exciting taiko reverberates throughout the room like rolling thunder.

I did lots of filming & took many pictures! I dunno if I should post the videos of the festival on my youtube channel…it seems like it’d be hassle… but I am going to post the photo’s at my website! It’ll take a while though…

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5 thoughts on “Back from the Sakura Matsuri

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  2. Hi Sam, Please post any Ryu Shu Taiko videos you like. I will ask the other performers if they want their performances posted and let you know. If you can make a CD for Masayo, that would be nice. Thanks for everything!!!

    • Sure thing and you’re welcome!

      This year my videos are the best I had ever done! I went right up to the stage this time and got some good angles. I sure hope I can post at least 2 minutes of each performance in a single video (like a video collage).

      It came out out so good I wish I can share it with everybody…

  3. Great photo! The Taiko performance was indeed awesome and my favorite as well. I like your description (rolling thunder).

    • Thank you! Yes, I love the Taiko! Whenever I hear the Taiko, it makes me want to join in & play too…but I’d get nervous & mess up. ^_^;

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