Memorial to Juno Bros


I remember when I was a kid…it was a Saturday morning, I heard commotion from the kitchen, but I stayed in bed. I heard mom walk in my room, I felt something warm & fuzzy & was licking my face – it was a puppy!

We named him Juno! Dad rescued him. Juno might’ive been a Golden Retriver/Husky or Collie mix.

It was 1994, I was in 4th grade & it was winter. At the bus stop my mom would wait there with me holding little Juno. When I came home, Juno was there to welcome me back! School wasn’t pleasant, but coming home & seeing him always put a smile on my face!

asking for bread

From when I was a kid & all through school…Juno was there. We were there for him when he was sick, he was there for us when we were down. Juno went to parks, beaches & RVing upstate New York countryside…but he simply loved hanging out with us in the front yard, barking at people & going for walks to the lake!

walking himself

A complete sap, gentle, sweet, sensitive & had better manners than some people! He was extremely loyal, a good listener & was never a troublemaker. Juno was perfect!

RV trip

Juno was simply AWESOME! He was beyond a “pet dog” and more of my best friend & a brother. He was incredible, it always seemed like miracles kept saving his life.

Doesn't he look proud! 😀

We’re happy that he lived a very long life filled with many years of fun times! ♥

In loving memory of Juno Bros, January 3rd 1994 – April 21st 2011

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4 thoughts on “Memorial to Juno Bros

  1. I probably have over a hundred photos of him! Juno was one of my main photography subjects, he was an excellent model. ^_^

  2. I remember something cute Juno did. If I asked him to sit, I sat down in front of him & gave him a hug, then he would hug me back by putting his head on my back. I didn’t even teach him that!

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