Sakura Matsuri Japan Relief Art

I drew this for the Sakura Matsuri Japan relief. The kitsune is Shizen from my Ronin Yoshino manga. He’s painting the kanji “Kibou” (hope) on the scroll. This drawing will be a trading card. There is a alot of symbolism in the drawing…

The rope around his neck is called “Shimenawa” which is used in Shintoism to mark sacred places and/or objects. The paper streamers are called “Shime”. The “Suzu” (bell) are used by shrine visitors as a means of announcing their presence to the resident deity. The white ball is an object that all Kitsune carry with them as it’s the source of their power. The Someiyoshino tree symbolizes spring, new beginnings & of course – the Sakura Matsuri!

I chose the character Shizen from my manga because of his personality, species & his adornments. He’s the pacifist & his name means “nature” in Japanese. In his 5-tailed Kitsune form he wears sacred Shinto items. I wanted to draw him this way because I think its cooler to draw a mythical creature!

This was fun & a different style of art I never did before. I was trying to imitate traditional Japanese sumi-e style. I used a “Fude” (Japanese brush) & drew it by hand. Then I coloured it in Photoshop, trying to make it look like a woodblock. I really enjoyed drawing in this style!

Maybe in the future I might draw a manga in this style…

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4 thoughts on “Sakura Matsuri Japan Relief Art

  1. I just realized after I finished my drawing, it looks kinda like “Okami” game art. Although it wasn’t intentional. After all, Okami was inspired from traditional Japanese sumi-e and woodblock art anyway. ^_^

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  3. Chris

    Hi, this is a good blog, thanks

  4. Tiffany

    Good job!

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