Ronin Yoshino Manga Update – Chapter 11 Concludes

Check out the conclusion of Ronin Yoshino chapter 11 here!

I think I ended the chapter well. I tied up several loose ends: Takemaru’s goal, why the sword Kuroryuga is so important to him & why Takeshi is after Yoshino. Takeshi is the officer in the very last panel at the end of the chapter (Takeshi was also in Chapter 2 & he was the very first “bad guy” in the manga!). The flashback is a scene from chapter 1 when he was fighting Yoshino.

Takemaru no longer has any interest in capturing the Ronin Yoshino. In the beginning he thought she had the sword Kuroryuga, but his spy told him that Fujiwara no Gorou has it. So be has no resound to go after her anymore. I brought Takeshi back because Yoshino needs an antagonist.

Anyway, I hope that you enjoyed chapter 11 “Takemaru’s Ambition“!

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