Ronin Yoshino Vol.1 Manga 1st Edition

Ronin Yoshino Vol.1 Manga 1st Edition : Tatsu Shop

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1st Printing: 40 pages – 20 colour / 20 b&w – Size: 8 x 10″ $8.00 Free shipping to the USA

You’ll be getting a brand new sealed manga book. The one pictured is my copy. Ronin Yoshino manga contains bonus materials and free gift! Contains chapter 0 & Chapter 1 plus extra “How the Manga Was Made”, detailed character profiles, bonus colour art and mini art print.

You can view a video of the manga book here at –

Shipping: Bagged and boarded via USPS 1st class mail.

Inspiration / Story behind this Product:
Story Setting:
Ronin Yoshino takes place in a mythical world were civil wars and strife over land ownership are common. Rebellious groups fought against the authorities, trying to create a revolt, but none ever succeeded. Rumors spread of a skilled ronin calling herself Akuba, Someiyoshino, who had been fighting against the authorities. The most dangerous of the lords, Takemaru Arashi, summons his assassins in order to capture this person…

Ronin Yoshino is rated T+ (teens & older)
Genre: action/ adventure/ fantasy/ historical/ shonen

via Ronin Yoshino Vol.1 Manga 1st Edition : tatsushop – ArtFire Books & Magazines.

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One thought on “Ronin Yoshino Vol.1 Manga 1st Edition

  1. I discontinued production of the first edition because I realised that they’re some mistakes in the first print run…so the revised version will replace this one…

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