Ban Fracking in NY Permanently

Please Help to Ban Hydrofracking in NY Permanently »
What is fracking? Hydrofracking is drilling for natural gas, but the process to do it uses harmful chemicals that contaminate our drinking water. Infact, the water becomes highly flamable & dangerous! New York water is known for it’s freshness from the mountains. When I was up in the Catskills, Howes & Secret Caverns, I actually tried some of the water from the waterfall & it was so fresh it put Brita to shame.
Please help ban risky fracking in NY permanently & keep our precious water nice & clean. » Take Action!

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2 thoughts on “Ban Fracking in NY Permanently

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  2. I think too many people are uniformed or misinformed about fracking. They need to know the truth. Thank you for spreading it!

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