There’s a line in Ronin Yoshino chapter 10 which says “…you’re in Sojobo’s rank?”. This chapter is all about Tengu, so here’s what Sojobo is:

Sōjōbō (僧正坊) of Kurama-yama(Mount Kurama of Japan), is the name of a famous Daitengu-which is a particular type of tengu. The weakest tengu is the Konoha tengu, which appears like a small, anthromorphic bird which lives in Cryptomeria trees. The most common types of tengu are the Karasu-tengu and Konsha-tengu, which are also anthromorphic bird-men, except they wear clothing are are the size of a regular human. The ko-tengu is a small type of karasu-tengu which nest in trees. The Daitengu are more humanoid, but still has wings & in the place of a beak, they have a nose shaped like a zucchini! Daitengu are considered to be the strongest type.

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