My Anime Top 10 List

Just thought I’d post my top 10 favourite anime series, just for the heck of it. My list changes as I watch other series, but this is my current list of faves. I tried to post the best screencaps I have. The series aren’t in any particular order.

YuYu Hakusho

Yusuke Urameshi is the “Spirit Detective of Earth”. He is assigned various cases by Ko-enma (who is son of the king of the Spirit World) to fight demon criminals.

It’s a very exciting series with countless battles, demons and plenty of paranormal action.

Samurai Deeper Kyo

Kyoshiro Mibu looks like a pathetic medicine pedler, but deep inside he harbors a violent, merciless samurai within named Demon Eyes Kyo.

This series is the best samurai anime that I truly enjoyed. It’s filled with action, monsters and a truly unique storyline – and with a villain as the main character.


In the future there exists a popular massive multi-player online game called “The World”. The character named Tsukasa gets his mind trapped inside this virtual world, loosing all of his memory. A mysterious, disembodied voice continues to warp Tsukasa’s mind for its own intentions.

This series may not have much action, but it has interresting characters, a dramatic storyline and great music.

Saiunkoku Monogatari

In a fantasy world which looks like the Han Dynasty of China, there exists a mythical kingdom called Saiunkoku. Shurei Han is an intelligent woman who wants to pass the imperial examinations and take a post in government, a path forbidden to women. Her plans change once she is offered to become the Emperor’s consort so that she can teach him how to lead the country.

The artwork and music are beautiful and the cultural references make this series interesting.


In the mythical kingdom of Shangrala, the threat of a minus-wave drives the once peaceful demons into a state of insanity. High priest Genjo Sanzo must embark on a journey with Son Goku, Sha Gojyo & Cho Hakkai to India to stop the calamity.

The series is based on a classic Chinese folktale but with a modern kick. The character development is fantastic with dysfunctional protagonists, sarcastic humor and exciting story.


Dragon Drive

A popular virtual reality game called Dragon Drive enables players to sync with a dragon and battle each other out. Reiji Ozura, a lazy and pathetic boy, is forced to try the game. He meets a seemingly weak dragon named Chibi, but later proves to be the powerful Dragon God Senkocoola. Dragon Drive is no ordinary game – as the ones who created the game, teleport the best players into another dimension, for their own agenda.

It’s a fun series with plenty of Dragons and battles.

Shonen Onmyouji

Masahiro is an Onmyouji who lost the ability to see Obake, Bakemono and Youkai. One day he meets a small spirit he named Mokuun and after a battle with a demon worm, he starts to regain his ability to see paranormal entities.

It’s an action-packed anime filled with both Chinese and Japanese mythical creatures and folktales.

Zoids: Genesis

Zoids are giant, powerful, mechanical lifeforms which exist on the Planet Zi. Zoids require a fluid called Regel in order to sustain themselves. Regel is also needed for the environment & the villagers need it for their survial. However, bio-zoids want to steal it for themselves. Ruuji Familon discovers a Liger at the bottom of the sea – he must pilot Murasame Liger in order to save his village from destruction.

It’s exciting, unique and overall fun to watch. Zoids is only mecha anime that’s up my ally.

Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s

In the future, the Duel Monsters card game evolved into being played on vehicles called D-Wheels (aka: Duel Runners). Domino City had a major earthquake which divided the mainland. The section of land which became separated came to be known as The Satalite – a dirt poor island filled with crime & violence. Yusei Fudo’s favorite card “Stardust Dragon”, was stolen by his once best friend and he wants to go to Neo Domino City to retrieve and get revenge for his friends betrayal.

Besides the “card games on motorcycles”, it is not what the series is about. The character development is quite good, especially the characters Yusei, Aki, Jack, Crow and Goodwin. 5D’s isn’t as light-hearted as GX, it has an overall darker theme with more drama (and it’s the first time that the protagonist isn’t a kid). It really is an enjoyable series.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters

Yugi Muto is given an ancient Egyptian artifact called The Millenium Puzzle. Little did he know that once the puzzle was solved, a 5,000 year old spirit of a Pharaoh would awaken. The Pharaoh has no memory of his past or even his name. Whenever Yugi is in trouble, the Pharaoh would take control over Yugi’s body and with courage & wit, he’d defeat his opponents by means of an ancient shadow game called “Duel Monsters”.

The series is not about card games, it’s about finding the Pharaoh’s identity the card games are simply a means to solve their problems. I have never seen any other any anime remotely similar to this. Yu-Gi-Oh! is a one of a kind with card games, paranormal, action, adventure & fantasy. *Note: The American dub was severely edited.

There are many other anime & manga series which I also enjoy.

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