New and Redone Jewelry Pieces

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While I’ve been crocheting like crazy lately (don’t know what triggered this renewed interest from my past)  I still found time to create some new jewelry pieces.

These onyx, heart shape earrings were a custom order.  They were originally designed with an amethyst heart.

Black onyx and sterling Black onyx and sterling

I purchased some thick sterling silver wire (12 gauge) when silver prices had dipped for a while and made this simple bangle.

Hammered sterling bangle type bracelet with clasp Hammered sterling bangle type bracelet with clasp I enoy

This hammered copper cuff was a return to my earlier, rustic style.  I love making the clasp and working with sheet metal.

Mens hammered copper cuff with clasp Mens hammered copper cuff with clasp

A necklace made from necklaces I had disassembled to create a new look.  Sometimes I’m not happy with a piece I made earlier (in this case, several) so I take them apart and redo them.  Now I’m happy with it.

Carnelian and copper redone necklace Carnelian and copper…

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Japanese Wolves ~ “Guardian Dog of the Mountains”

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Okami Wolf Hand Painted Cel

This was the first thing I had painted back in 2008. It’s a cel (clear plastic sheet that was used in traditional animation frames before computer animation was invented) and hand painted with acrylic paints. The character is Amaterasu “Ammy” from the video game, Okami.

Art © Shinrin Sam. Bros /

Art © Shinrin Sam. Bros /

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New Inspiration from Broken Pendant

Art-Z Jewelry

The finished pendant The finished pendant

It’s been a while since I wrote a post here.  Personal  health issues have kept me busy with hospital visits and drained much of my enthusiasm and energies.    While it is  ongoing, I’m feeling better and back with new inspiration. 

I was recently contacted by a customer who asked if I would consider wrapping a broken glass pendant. It was a cherished item from a first Valentine’s Day gift from his/her significant other who was now their wife. 

The original pendant broken at the top The original pendant broken at the top

I was afraid to wrap it at first since I’d never wrapped anything glass.  I was afraid I’d break it.  It was slippery and curved.  I decided to wrap it in square, copper wire which is also not a shape of wire I’m comfortable with.  

Slippery curves Slippery curves

I’m glad I did wrap it and they were delighted.  It felt good to be a tiny…

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Composite Digital Animation Techniques used in Yeowoobi (여우비)

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