Bully for Camarasaurus

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The story of the mismatched head of “Brontosaurus” is one of the best known tales from the history of paleontology. I think I first heard it while watching my tattered VHS copy of More Dinosaurs – scientists had mistakenly mounted the skull of Camarasaurus on an Apatosaurus skeleton, and the error went unnoticed for decades. The legend has been repeated countless times, perhaps because we revel in the idea that even experts can make silly mistakes. Nevertheless, I think it’s time we set the record straight: nobody ever mistakenly placed a Camarasaurus skull on Apatosaurus. The truth is a lot more nuanced – and a lot more interesting – than a simple case of mistaken identity.

Intrinsically related to the head-swap story is the replacement of “Brontosaurus” with Apatosaurus in the popular lexicon. This is wellcoveredelsewhere, so I’ll be brief. Scientific names for animals are governed by the…

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Custom Pet Sculpture – Caramel the English Shepherd


This is a commissioned sculpture I made of Caramel the English Shepherd (winner of the Custom Pet Sculpture contest). I’m really happy with how it turned out! One of the best sculptures I have made ^_^


If you’re interested in a custom sculpture of your pet, feel free to visit http://shinrinartshop.weebly.com

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Win a Custom Pet Sculpture

Would you like to win a custom pet sculpture like this of your pet?


To enter, share this post and leave a comment with the best photo of your pet at http://Facebook.com/mukupetart Winner will be chosen at random.

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Ronin Yoshino Anime Chibi Figurine

I finished my Ronin Yoshino chibi figurine! Handmade out of polymer clay and hand painted with acrylic paints. I’ll be making more sculptures of other characters from my Ronin Yoshino manga series…

Ronin Yoshino

Ronin Yoshino

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Ronin Yoshino Painted Wooden Box

I just finished painting this small wooden box! Hand painted with acrylic paints and felt lining inside the box. The top of the box features the Ronin Yoshino with a farm behind her – representing what she does (protecting the farmers from various threats). The background was inspired from a Hasui Kawase woodblock painting.

Ronin Yoshino

The 7 symbols on the box symbolize the Seven Swordsmen [七剣士] from my Ronin Yoshino [浪人よしの] manga series. These symbols were inspired from various aspects of Japanese culture…

The symbols are: Tengu no Uchiwa (Tengu’s fan), Shimenawa (sacred rope), Kitsunemen (fox mask), Taiko (drum), Amenonuhoko (heavenly jeweled spear), Uchide-no-Kozuchi (magic mallet), Someiyoshino (Yoshino Cherry Tree blossoms, symbolizing the protagonist, Yoshino) and Ama-no-Murakumo-no-Tsurugi (Sword of the Gathering Clouds of Heaven) along with the Cintāmaṇi (wishing jewel).

What all these items do, you’ll have to find out in my manga ;)

Ronin Yoshino

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