What is it about Celestial Themes ?

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A brass "Sun" on a hammered, textured copper circle

A brass “Sun” on a hammered, textured copper circle

What is it about celestial themes that make them so appealing?  They always seem to captivate me.  Perhaps they are reminiscent of many nights spent looking up at the sky and feeling awed by the universe.   Perhaps some ancient memory remembers worshiping the sun.

Spirals, stars and moons on brass and copper

Spirals, stars and moons on brass and copper

Whatever the reason, I don’t think celestial themes will ever fall out of favor (at least for me).  Just like flowers, trees and birds, and all things natural, these will always inspire and form the foundation of my artistic meanderings.


I have tried a few colder, less organic feeling designs but have not found them satisfying except for themes which are symbolic in nature, like hearts, crosses, swords and shields.  But these things are a real part of the human experience – love, religion, struggles and war, so…

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Happy Spring

Happy Spring!!

This is an illustration of my OCC (original comic characters) of Yoshino having a picnic with Kagekiri. Yoshino sips her tea while her horse notices the rice balls and Kagekiri watches him ^_^;


There’s a lot of symbolism in the image. The background represents our Plymouth lot upstate. The Forsythias and Yoshino Japanese Cherry Tree represents our lot in Patchogue and the Ospreys represent Canaan Lake.

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Creating A Manga Isn’t Easy

I forgot how hard it is starting a new comic book series. I’m going to have to put Dragons Amulet on hold again, the ideas are just not panning out smoothly. I love creating manga, but it’s extremely difficult and time consuming to create. Here’s what I do to create a manga:

1) I do research by choosing an era and study the clothing, customs, weapons, military and mythology…

2) Then I buy several books in order to get inspiration, to learn and depict the series to be culturally accurate.

3) I use my “elemental character chart” which is a special system I use to create base characters, which I tweak them around into more unique characters later on by basing them on real people.

4) Once I have the main cast, I design the character concepts designs.

5) Next I choose the “flavor” of my story, such as; adventure, fantasy, comedy, action, drama…etc. and the targeted audience (niche and age group).

6) I start writing the backdrop of the story by creating an entire world for the series: the environment, culture, government, folklore and I also draw a map to give an idea of what the world looks like in the story.

7) Then I work on a script for the pilot chapter by writing the dialogue, scenes and panel cuts (which have to be exact). At this stage, the script is edited and reviewed by Zoraida & Aaron.

8) After the script is completed, I start sketching the manga with pencils according to the script.

9) If I’m happy with the result, I redraw the entire chapter again using special manga pens, Japanese sumi-e brush, stencils, rulers and a light box.

10) Each page is scanned into Adobe Photoshop, edited, add screentones if it’s going to be in B&W. If it’s going to be in color, I use my mouse and color the characters, insert my nature photos and use them as part of the textures in the background and foreground. I edit my photos using various effects.

11) After the illustrations are completed, I insert dialogue bubbles and text, which is edited again.

12) Once I’m happy with the result, I downsize my manga and insert my copyright watermarks ready for web. Then the most difficult part of all, is promoting it… I post my manga everywhere – Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, WordPress, Weebly, YouTube, Instagram, Google+, Artfire and putting my business cards on cork boards in stores (hoping someone may check it out).

Time it takes for me to complete an entire 16-20 page chapter is about 4-6 months. It’s fun and challenging, but can be stressful, trying to gain a “fan base”, doing all the work and to get exposure. Creating manga is time consuming and a huge amount of work, but I still enjoy it! I’d enjoy it even more if it had more interaction and fans of my series though… All I can do is keep at it and maybe someday the right person will help market it for me and will someday become an anime! *_*

20140305-135127.jpgMap of the world of Ronin Yoshino, my original manga (comic) book series. http://roninyoshino.com

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Reclaim, Redo, Remake and Create Someting New


Check out beautiful handmade jewelry my mom makes:

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3 separate bracelets I was not happy with become one

3 separate bracelets I was not happy with become one

I hate to throw out pieces of wire, scraps of metal sheet and anything that seems useful in any way at all.  Of course this can get out of hand and can end up with mountains of junk, but every now and then  I filter through the heap and find some gems (not literally).

I’ve made dangles for earrings out of discarded metal sheet,

These assorted dangles were made for Diane of http://www.earthnskystudio.com

These assorted dangles were made for Diane of http://www.earthnskystudio.com

charms out of leftover wire, rings and “new” bracelets out of several, abandoned sections of wire.  I’ve even made bird house parts and garden charms from reclaimed metal and wire!

A small piece of bronze wire shaped into a cross

A small piece of bronze wire shaped into a cross

A small piece of copper metal becomes a flower ring

A small piece of copper metal becomes a flower ring

Small piece of recycled copper formed into a leaf

Small piece of recycled copper formed into a leaf

A bracelet section cut into 2 sections became earring parts A bracelet section cut into 2 sections became…

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Memorial to Balto


13 years ago, a litter of brown female Alaskan Malamute/Siberian Husky puppies were for sale. There was an only male who was white and orange that stood out like flower in the ground. Dad and I picked him. At the time, we didn’t know better as we knew nothing about Malamutes. Who knew what we were getting ourselves into…


We named him Balto, after the famous Siberian Husky hero who delivered serum to save a village in Alaska. He looked like a little blonde wolf pup. He grew up with our other pets Juno and Molly (they’re gone now)…


Balto was handsome, proud and very intelligent. He may have been stubborn and untamable, but he was a damn good guard dog, loved getting his ears scratched, great watch dog, he howled at the ice cream trucks which sounded awesome and he got along great with Yuki.


He had a strong prey drive and he hunted any possums, coons or snakes that entered the yard. He scared the heck out of most people with his deep howling bark (which I loved). People thought he was a wolf. He defended us from trespassers, trouble making teenagers and even saved us from Carbon Monoxide that was in our house. He was like a wild, untamed horse, he was an awesome dog. Balto had that “Arctic dog” pride they seem to have. I’ll miss hearing his howls and having a protective bodyguard like him…

April 25, 2000 – July 9, 2013


(See more photos of Balto here: http://www.shinrinart.com/pets.html)

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