Christmas Collie/Sheltie Ornaments

These are Rough/Smooth Collie or Sheltie holiday ornaments I made out of polymer clay and hand painted with acrylic paints. I made them in nine different colors (golden sable, mahogany sable, tricolor, blue merle, bi-blue merle, bi-black, CHW sable, CHW tricolor and CHW blue merle). These were sculpted in a Japanese anime “Kawaii” style and inspired by Maneki-Inu.

Collie/Sheltie Ornaments

Feel free to check them out at my art shop, I can sculpt other breeds too! I’m going to make English Shepherd ornaments as well ^_^

My mahogany sable piebald rough collie, Yuki, chibi-sized!

My mahogany sable piebald rough collie, Yuki, chibi-sized!

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New Book – Japanese Folktales Manga

I’m writing a new book. It’s going to be a collection of classic Japanese myths & legends, but instead of it being a novel, it’s going to be an illustrated manga! The first folktale I’m starting out with will be Hidesato! Since I already wrote/drew this tale, I’m going to re-do it as an extended version.

I’m trying to decide which art style to illustrate my new book – Manga or Ukiyo-e? Which style do you prefer?


Also, I’m re-writing my Ronin Yoshino manga series in a novel format!

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Custom Polymer Dog Sculpture, Juno the Goberian

Finally finished this sculpture of my late, childhood dog, Juno (husky/golden mix)! Took two days to finish… Handmade out of polymer clay and hand painted with acrylic paints.Juno by Sam. Bros
One of the reference photos of him:
Juno Bros

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Polymer Pet Pendant, Juno the Husky Mix


Pendant I made of Juno the husky mix using various colors of polymer clay and the eyes are glass beads. The back is a translucent color and gives appearance of beach glass. It was fun to make!

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Creative Again and a New Pendant

Originally posted on Art-Z Jewelry:

IMG_0647I finally made a new piece of jewelry after what seems like an eternity. I was beginning to think I’d lost all desire to create.  Thanks to my talented daughter, Sam (of I was able to create this dragon pendant.  She drew the dragon, free  hand, on a circle of brass for  me.  I then etched it, riveted it onto a section of copper and made this pendant.

Woke up, it was a hazy morning

Woke up, it was a hazy morning

Our big move to the country has been more of a  change than I anticipated.  The weather here changes dramatically from minute to minute.  We’re quite high up in altitude now and we were actually below sea level before.  The sky is spectacular with stars and clouds like I’ve never seen before.

And the moon – wow,  was it always that big!

Early morning moon

Early morning moon

This is  the road where we walk the dogs everyday This is the road where we walk the…

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