My First Moving Experience

Finally got a Internet connection (at Lowes). We just moved upstate New York in Chenango County countryside and so far I am liking our new neighborhood up here! A lot of work to be done… Making a dog run right now. Saw my first Ruby Throated Hummingbird – they’re everywhere!

We got our new English Shepherd (farm collie) puppy yesterday! His name is Kage (pronounced “ka-gey”, means “shadow” in Japanese. It’s short for Kagekiri, a character from my Ronin Yoshino manga series).

Hopefully we’ll have the Internet installed soon… More to come!


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There and Back Again, I Want to Return

Went upstate again, rented a u-haul trailer (since movers bailed out at the last minute)… Heard a pack of coyotes, some owls and the starry night was awesome! Saw a Peregrine Falcon, groundhog sitting in the middle the road by our driveway, lots of baby deers with their moms; one of which was frolicking in the meadow across our lot and I saw my first hummingbird!!!

Yuki likes car rides! Here he is waiting to be released after being in the car with us for a 7hr, 280 mile drive.

Warm, humid, stillness
Misty mountain morning fog
A bobolink sings

Our front yard viewing our neighbors 650 acre hay field and state park.

One of our neighbors, a cattle farm.

Nothing but farms, wilderness and rivers, love it!!!

Dawn this morning.

Green rolling mountains
Winding indigo rivers
Painting comes to life

The sky turned lavender and pink as a big charcoal-colored thunder cloud was rolling in, but it passed us by a hair – what a light show! I was sitting on the deck enjoying these beautiful views, warm breeze and hearing birds singing everywhere. Cows were running back and forth across the field, I think they were playing soccer :P

I was inspired and drew an illustration of Ronin Yoshino from my manga!

No sandwiched houses, no tiny yards, no power tool noise, no motorbikes revving up, no sirens. Only sounds of songbirds, leaves rustling, wind, coyotes and owls at night. Lots of space, peace, quiet, nice people and surrounded by nature, just the way I like it. The only time I don’t get anxiety is when I’m in the country.
I want to move, now… ;_;

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Ronin Yoshino – Casting Call Contest!

Ever wanted to be an anime character? Have a role in a manga? Be a samurai swordsman, priestess with spiritual powers, a powerful youkai? Now’s your chance! You can become a character in the upcoming season 2 of Ronin Yoshino – Onigashima arc!

See contest details and how to enter here:


Season 2 Preview:
Ronin Yoshino has been on hiatus – but now she’s back and ready to fight more exciting battles! Season 2, Onigashima arc – The Ronin Yoshino ventures alone leaving her tengu retainer, Kagekiri behind. This arc is based on the tale of the famous folklore hero, Momotaro and combining the history of Japan’s historical “Exile Island”, Hachijo-jima. More action, new characters, and all new adventures!”


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Custom Sculpture: Balto the Alaskan Malamute

Balto the Malamute

This is a custom handmade, hand painted with acrylic paints, polymer clay sculpture I made of Balto the Alaskan Malamute for Luann in NY, USA! Here’s a photo I took of this beautiful dog:


Here is a video of the finished sculpture:

I can make sculptures of your pets! For more info please visit my website, ^_^

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Ronin Yoshino Manga Ideas

After reviewing my Ronin Yoshino manga, I felt something was lacking, an element that most anime/manga have; “groups” (I rather avoid using the word “teams” as it sounds like a sport or game). Groups are good to have as they make remembering characters easier and it forms various interactions between members and opposing sides, which makes it more interesting. I like writing character driven stories. Most anime fans can name some memorable groups, like: Shichinintai (“Band of Seven” from InuYasha), Team 7 (Naruto), Gotei 13 (Bleach), etc. 20140610-025122.jpg Having too few characters can get boring and having too many characters gets confusing. I was afraid of making too many characters, so I created several “side characters” throughout the storyline. I think what I’ll do is bring some back and I’ll have to design more characters to fill up lope holes. Writing a story is easy, creating three dimensional characters is not. Now the really tedious part, inventing new names and designing new character concepts… 20140610-025133.jpg I also have a lot of new plans for Ronin Yoshino in the works! Since this series is already well established, I’d rather complete it before starting on another story at the moment… If anyone wants to be a character in my Ronin Yoshino manga, feel free to let me know (I need more character roles)? You can fill out the contest entry form here:

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